EOS North America and 3YOURMIND launch quick part identification program for 3D printing

EOS North America’s Additive Minds team and 3YOURMIND have partnered to create Rapid Part Identifier, a program for quickly validating manufacturing parts in 2D and 3D files. Using EOS data to improve the 3YOURMIND algorithm and more accurately predict application printing costs and capabilities, the companies say their partnership is helping to quickly scale part identification for 3D printing, backed by the strategy and engineering needed to achieve fast and profitable production.

“We are giving organizations the opportunity to move out of the world of Excel boards and spreadsheets, creating a faster and more professional approach to building a digital parts warehouse ready for additive manufacturing,” said Fabian Alefield, senior manager at Additive Minds. “We have partnered with 3YOURMIND to help unleash the potential of 3D printing, eliminating what in the past took months of analysis and quickly generating on-demand business cases in the form of advanced applications.”

The Additive Minds engineering team works with organizations to develop and scale 3D printing-based production. Thanks to its partnership with 3YOURMIND, it now leverages the company’s software and capabilities to digitally optimize parts inspection methodologies throughout the EOS production chain. The process includes part identification, qualification, order management, and production scheduling.

Aleksander Ciszek, co-founder and CEO of 3YOURMIND, said: “EOS has always been a strong supporter of 3YOURMIND and our vision of streamlined, intuitive additive manufacturing processes. Working with Additive Minds, we look forward to showing EOS customers how easy additive manufacturing can be when backed up by a solid parts business case from day one.”


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