DyeMansion announced at the Formnext 2022 fair the market launch of a new model of post-processing station - Powerfuse S. The machine is advertised as the first ever ecological solution for industrial vapor polishing and surface improvement of 3D prints. The classic Powerfuse S model works with all popular rigid and flexible materials on the market, such as PA, TPU, ULTEM and more. The new Powerfuse S PP is dedicated to work with 3D prints made of polypropylene.

The new machine opens up more opportunities for polypropylene applications in additive manufacturing industries such as automotive, medical and chemical technology, consumer goods and prototyping. VaporFuse VF44 EcoFluid PP is 100% bio-based and easily biodegradable, as well as non-toxic: no PFAS, no CMR, no vPvM/PMT. In addition, users can enjoy unbeatable cost of parts at full production capacity thanks to the high degree of automation and closed loop with integrated solvent recovery.

Polypropylene is one of the most processed plastics in the world, the advantages of which are price, strength and ductility, as well as chemical resistance. With the new Powerfuse S model, DyeMansion provides a total solution for industrial processing of polypropylene and positions itself as the market partner for PP in the 3D printing sector.

The DyeMansion solution has already been validated with all PP suppliers for 3D printing, including Stratasys, HP, BASF, EOS, ALM, Prodways, AM Polymers, Covestro and others.

Aside from the hardware launch, DyeMansion has announced its first family of digital products, DyeMansion 360° Digital Services. This includes DyeMansion Workflow Center, DyeMansion Data Connect and DyeMansion Remote Service. DyeMansion Workflow Center is a cloud and browser based web application. DyeMansion chose Siemens MindSphere as the platform to build its product. It offers live monitoring, custom alerts, and workflow history. Customers can monitor and analyze their own workflow, allowing for significantly greater productivity, automated traceability, increased uptime and flexibility.

DyeMansion Data Connect provides on-site machine and process data for MES/ERP systems, meaning no customer data leaks out. Customers benefit from simplified integration, full data set, high compatibility and flexibility.

DyeMansion Remote Service ensures maximum uptime with direct troubleshooting, more efficient collaboration with targeted support, and reduced resources with fast and efficient remote service.

DyeMansion joins Materialize's CO-AM software platform to streamline AM series production as a post-processing partner. The DyeMansion Print-to-Product workflow can be accessed seamlessly in CO-AM using the standard OPC-UA interface.


DyeMansion and Nexa3D, a manufacturer of ultra-fast professional and industrial polymer 3D printers, have announced a strategic partnership to automate end-to-end workflows from 3D printing to finished parts. This partnership will leverage DyeMansion's automated post-processing hardware, Nexa3D QLS 820 high-throughput 3D printer capabilities, as well as Siemens PLC integration and NexaX's powerful QLS manufacturing software.


At Formnext 2022, HP presented its new 3D printer model - Jet Fusion 5420W. HP is working closely with DyeMansion to offer combined post-processing workflows for finishing and coloring the white parts produced on the new machine. DyeMansion provides a wide range of vibrant colors with high color consistency and a variety of finishes to suit your application needs.

Source: www.dyemansion.com
Photos: www.dyemansion.com (press materials / all rights reserved)

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