Desktop Metal announced that it has qualified IN625 (Inconel) material for Studio System 3D printers. Studio System now offers a total of eight materials, providing greater material flexibility than any other 3D printing system on the market based on the method of extruding metal rods or wire.

Studio System 2 is a dedicated metal additive manufacturing system for office work that uses Desktop Metal’s proprietary Bound Metal Deposition (BMD) technology to produce parts. The two-stage production process (3D printing + post-processing) allows you to work with the material in the form of bars. In addition to the newly introduced metal alloy – IN625, Studio System users can also work with titanium alloy Ti6Al4V (Ti64), copper, 4140, two tool steels (H13 and D2) and two stainless steels (17-4PH and 316L).

IN625 is a high performance nickel alloy known for its high strength, temperature and corrosion resistance – making it a popular material for use in the aerospace, chemical and marine power industries. It is both difficult to process and expensive material. Working with it requires a skilled machine operator and special CNC cutting tools, combined with the right strategy and shaping coolants. It is common for cutting tools to crack or deform when milling Inconel material, or the material deforms when the outer layer hardens too quickly in response to machining.

Desktop Metal ensures that the production of IN625 parts with Studio System 2 is to be fast, safe and affordable. Users can directly print and sinter the final, end pieces or similarly shaped parts that can be easily precision machined to key surfaces.


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