Desktop Metal today announced the opening of a new production plant that will more than triple the assembly area where industrial 3D Production System printers are assembled. The goal is to meet the growing demand for the company's machines. The new facility is part of the plan to accelerate the production process of the flagship 3D printer Production System P-50.

"After a long development cycle, we are experiencing a growing demand for our P-50 production system (…) expanding our in-house end-assembly capabilities has become a key step in scaling our Binder Jetting technology deployment," comments Ric Fulop, Founder and CEO of Desktop Metal - "the Massachusetts facility, in collaboration with our contract manufacturers and suppliers, supports our ability to meet the growing demand for high volume applications. We are now well positioned to provide our global customers with the fastest metal 3D printing platform to enable profitable mass production through additive manufacturing".

Production System is an industrial production platform based on Desktop Metal's Single Pass Jetting technology. It is designed to achieve speeds up to 100 times faster than laser powder metal additive manufacturing, and enable the production of up to millions of parts per year at a cost competitive with conventional mass production techniques. The P-50 paves the way for mass production of end-use parts - unlocking throughput, repeatability and competitive part costs.


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