Carbon launches EPX 150 – a stiff 3D printing resin

Carbon has announced the launch of EPX 150, a new, rigid, high-performance material that will be available on its proprietary, super-fast, production-grade 3D printer. The company says the resin opens up new opportunities in applications requiring high temperature and chemical resistance, producing applications such as electrical connectors, spray nozzles and autoclavable medical devices.

According to Carbon, EPX 150 provides better temperature and chemical resistance than EPX 82 material and better strength and overall usability than CE 221. The company also claims that the material is the fastest printing high-temperature resin ever and is designed to create complex geometries at high speeds . It can be used to produce elements with fine details, thin walls and strict dimensional tolerances.

The advantages of EPX 150 include excellent thermal properties at a deformation temperature of 155°C and the possibility of long-term use at 125°C. The company also claims to offer exceptional chemical resistance at elevated temperatures for automotive/industrial applications, particularly to fluids such as water, coolant/antifreeze and aqueous washes.

EPX 150 resin will also be used in medical applications because it is able to withstand over 250 steam sterilization cycles in an autoclave without significant mechanical and visual changes. Low dielectric constant and loss factor are suitable for advanced electronic applications.


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