Carbon – manufacturer of super-fast, industrial 3D printers printing from light-curing resins, has acquired ParaMatters – a software provider for additive manufacturing. This acquisition expands the current capabilities of Carbon software to optimize the topology of printed 3D models. Carbon’s technology platform is now being extended to enable product design and development teams to create better products in less time, using a wide variety of materials and manufacturing systems.

Most of the software platforms used to design and manufacture products are optimized to meet the constraints imposed by traditional manufacturing, including injection molding, casting, and CNC milling. The lack of modern design software that can iterate quickly and reap the benefits of additive manufacturing still limits the product development cycle.

This acquisition fills this gap and expands the capabilities of Carbon’s generative design software to enable increased automation and the creation of more complex, more efficient part designs. These benefits are based on the introduction earlier this year by the Carbon Design Engine, which is used by global brands to automate the development of mesh parts for production.

We understand the key role software design tools play in the digital transformation of our customers. For too long, designers have been content with software design tools that adhere to the constraints of traditional manufacturing,” comments Phil DeSimone, co-founder and member of Carbon CEO’s office,“many of yesterday’s design tools are not optimized to leverage industry innovation, including advanced materials for 3D printing and manufacturing processes. Both Carbon and ParaMatters share the same vision of providing cutting-edge tools to ensure product development teams can create better products in less time.


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