The Finnish start-up Brinter, specializing in 3D bio-printing technology, has launched a new bio-printer model – Brinter Core. Equipped with a multi-material bio-printing solution, the system is designed to be more portable and half the cost of its predecessor, allowing more pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, universities and research centers to access 3D bio-printing technology with tight budget constraints.

The Brinter Core is a modular and portable bio-printer capable of printing multi-material and highly complex tissue structures in 3D, ensuring the use of all available materials – including fluids and hydrogels with living cells, biopaste, metals with binder and plastics. It is easy to transport and install in another laboratory.

The Brinter Core performs many of the same functions as its predecessor, using the same printheads, meaning updates are available when needed. They can be easily exchanged between Brinter products without the use of additional tools. Available technologies of bio-printing include: valveless pneumatic extrusion (Pneuma Tool), mechanical screw extrusion, i.e. endless piston pump (Visco Tool), dosing with an electromagnet (MicroDroplet Tool) and extrusion of thermoplastic granules (Granu Tool).


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