BLT records +66% growth and record revenues in 2022

The Chinese manufacturer of industrial metal 3D printers - BLT (Xi'an Bright Laser Technologies Co., Ltd.), has published its financial results for 2022, announcing a record increase in revenues by +66%. The company generated total sales of approximately $140 million and expects further revenue growth in 2023.

BLT is one of the largest suppliers of powder metal additive manufacturing machines in Asia and one of the leaders of this market in the world. The company also manufactures custom parts for its customers and offers product design and development services. Clients include companies from the aviation, space, energy, medical and other industrial sectors - including Airbus, Audi, AECC, COMAC, HUAWEI

Currently, the BLT offer includes a total of ten 3D printers, differentiated in terms of large, medium and small production series. In 2022, it launched the BLT-S1000 large-format additive manufacturing machine with a working area of 1200 x 600 x 1500 mm, equipped with eight 500 W lasers. In addition, the 3D printer can be expanded to twelve lasers, which allows you to achieve printing efficiency 3D at the level of 300 cm3/h.

Regardless of the production of 3D printers, the company has created more than ten lines for the production of metal powders, including from titanium and Inconel alloys, as well as offering customized products. These services include trial powder production, small batch preparation, application verification and large-scale production. As part of the planned expansion, BLT has started the construction of further facilities for the production of powder materials.


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