BigRep merges with HAGE3D

The German manufacturer of large-format 3D printers – BigRep, announced the acquisition of HAGE3D GmbH, a manufacturer of 3D printers creating related additive machines. The company says it will achieve “far-reaching synergies” with this acquisition, offering a full spectrum of low- and high-temperature additive manufacturing solutions. It will also expand its global network of distributors and scalable supply chain. The combined companies will have a base of over 1,000 installed large-format 3D printers around the world.

HAGE3D 3D printers, which include the Mex One and Mex Two and Precise One and Precise Two models, are equipped with the company’s patented Direct Synchronized Drive (DSD) technology, a water-cooled free-pitch print head and an advanced 3D print monitoring system. 3D printers are capable of processing a wide range of plastic materials at high speeds and precisely controlling their melting. High-temperature materials, composite materials and highly flexible TPE grades can be printed in one print head at a speed of up to 250 mm/s.

BigRep and HAGE3D believe the combination will offer a competitive portfolio of industrial 3D printers, with systems capable of 3D printing parts in a volume of one cubic meter and solutions capable of processing high-performance thermoplastics in low, medium and high temperature build chambers.

“We are excited about the merger with HAGE3D,” commented Dr. Eng. Sven Thate, managing director of BigRep GmbH. “For our customers around the world, this means that we are a provider of open industrial 3D printing solutions at all temperature levels, opening up almost unlimited material possibilities. We expect that the 3D printing market will continue its dynamic development in the near future, driven by strong megatrends such as digitization and decentralization of production. We will seize this opportunity thanks to HAGE3D, which perfectly complements our team and portfolio of open solutions with high-temperature FFF 3D printing platforms.”


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