3D printers from the Polish manufacturer 3DGence are added to the portfolio of the Polish-Swiss company BIBUS MENOS, which produces components and solutions for industry. The companies have concluded a distribution agreement and will focus on selling advanced, industrial 3D printers.

Andrzej Kukuła, CEO of 3DGence says, the technology of additive manufacturing is already mature, and 3D printers successfully support industrial applications. The company’s priority is to work with customers who will be able to create new products with its use. BIBUS MENOS is a leader among Polish distributors of 3D printers and a partner distinguished by unique technological knowledge and a wide portfolio that helps to reach a wide range of companies.

BIBUS MENOS addresses its offer to companies from many industries, producing components and solutions, including in the field of pneumatics, power hydraulics or automation. He also designs mechanical drives, steel structures and lifting equipment. One of the important parts of business is a separate 3D printers department.

Tomasz Weis, head of the BIBUS MENOS 3D Printers Department, emphasizes that 3D technology users are increasingly recognizing the benefits of using industrial 3D printers. The distribution of industrial 3DGence printers is a chance to reach a group of customers who are decided to buy a professional 3D printer, but are not ready to invest in advanced technologies of laser polymer and metal melting.

Better understanding of incremental technologies by users also involves changing the way devices are distributed. The selection of the right technology and analysis of a specific application, material needs, and the number of prints produced play an increasingly important role during sales.

According to Karol Kula, sales director at 3DGence, an important part of cooperation between companies is cooperation in education and making BIBUS MENOS clients aware of the need to use 3D printing in their industrial processes. Joint action decides on the directions of 3DGence products development, because salesmen, sharing knowledge, consulting various cases together, influence the R&D department, which refines appropriate solutions to provide equipment that meets most expectations.

Cooperation between 3DGence and BIBUS MENOS will allow the distributor’s offer to be enriched with industrial machines operating in FDM technology from the INDUSTRY line (F340 and F420). These devices are widely used in industry – mainly in the automotive, aerospace, electrotechnical and household appliances industries.

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