Batteries from 3D printers – Sakuu and Livent start cooperation in the field of printed lithium batteries

Sakuu Corporation – a company specializing in 3D printing technology for solid-state batteries, has partnered with Livent Corporation in the development of innovative lithium batteries, produced using additive technologies. Sakuu – creator of the Kavian platform, enabling the commercial production of the new generation of SwiftPrint batteries, announced the completion of 3D printing tests of its batteries from the new lithium material LIOVIX, developed by Livent. LIOVIX allows you to create applications for prelithiumization and production of lithium anodes.

In February this year Sakuu has announced the printing of fully functional, high-performance batteries with unique designs. The anode of the cells uses LIOVIX lithium material from Livent, which significantly increased production efficiency. Several notable achievements were also achieved, such as the first fully functional printed lithium metal battery, the first printed lithium metal anode, and the first custom-shaped printed lithium metal battery.

Sakuu’s groundbreaking Kavian platform is designed for the commercial-scale production of next-generation batteries, including those based on solids. Sakuu’s battery technology may also be licensed for use in current production equipment or with the Kavian production platform.

Founded in 2016, Sakuu is a pioneering company operating at the intersection of 3D printing technology and the production of solid-state batteries on a commercial scale. The company plans to license its battery technologies across industries, initially focusing on energy storage. This will enable customers to use the Kavian platform to produce an entirely new class of high-efficiency and safe batteries that will help reduce society’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Livent has been working with customers for nearly eight decades to use lithium safely and sustainably to power the world. The company is one of the few companies with the skills, reputation and knowledge necessary to produce high-quality lithium compounds that are increasingly sought after on the market. Livent has one of the broadest product portfolios in the industry, powering the growing demand for green energy, modern mobility, the mobile economy and specialist innovations such as lightweight alloys and lubricants.


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