Another sale of fixed assets in the industry

Last week we wrote about Shapeways’ sale of the Desktop Metal system. Today we are back with similar news, this time about Uniformity Labs, but in this case the circumstances of this auction seem to be much more dramatic.

Uniformity Labs is an American company founded in 2014, which deals with, among others: development and production of new materials for metal printing, both in sintering and binder jetting technologies. Although it would be more appropriate to write that it dealt with it, because as of the date of publication of the article (February 15, 2024), the company’s website is unavailable, but more on that later in the article. In 2021, the company raised $38.35 million in the second round of financing to “expand its product range” and expand production capacity. The company looked like a rising star in its segment. Looking back at the industry, it turns out that it didn’t take much to make such an impression…

A year later, it appointed a former senior executive from General Motors as an advisor to the management board. In this case, the spectacular success of the American automotive industry was not repeated. Later in 2023, Uniformity Labs will release a series of new alloys for metal printers, including Desktop Metal systems. Cooperation was also established with Tekna, a Canadian manufacturer of metal powders, atomizers and associated equipment. In the same year, the president of Sigma Additive was appointed as a non-executive director. This time we cannot provide the link because the website is inactive and redirects you to the holiday trip search engine…

Returning to the auction, equipment worth over $10 million was put up for sale through specialized companies dealing with the liquidation of industrial fixed assets Aaron Industrial Solutions and Tauber-Arons, Inc.. Both auctions have already ended and we do not know whether everything was sold, the list of equipment is so long that we will not quote it here. It is worth noting that the list of equipment sold also includes office furniture. We are still waiting for an official announcement, but all signs in heaven and on earth indicate that this rising star has already fallen.


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