ALSO Holding is one of the largest distributors of technologies for the ICT industry, currently operating in 27 countries in Europe and in 93 countries around the world through PaaS partners. A few years ago, the concern took over, among others leading Polish distributor – ABC Data. In a recent communiqué from the stock exchange, ALSO announced an increase in its activity in the area of 3D and 4D printing.

For many companies, the implementation of new technologies in their daily operations is associated with great challenges and investments in equipment and people. ALSO extends the scope of its services and offers its customers a comprehensive package with 3D / 4D printing solutions. The holding began investing in additive manufacturing at a fairly early stage – it now offers its partners in-depth expertise in planning, preparation, 3D printing and post-processing.

Along with a group of its resellers, ALSO offers non-standard solutions, including appropriate equipment for the implementation of 3D / 4D printing infrastructure at the end customer’s premises. In addition to supporting the process through the company’s 3D / 4D printing solution, it also offers a wide range of products, materials and coordinated solutions that are constantly developed.


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