ABC Data – one of the biggest IT distributors in Europe and Zortrax – a leading Polish producer of low-budget 3D printers, well-known in the whole world, have already started to cooperate. In ABC Data’s you can find 3D printers: Zortrax M200 i Zortrax Inventure and a wide choice of filaments and accessories to both of the 3D printers.

Robert Jaskłóka – Image Processing and Entertainment Department Director in ABC Data, told in one of our interviews last year that Zortrax was the first company with which ABC Data started negotiations to launch their products in their offer. From now, Zortrax’s 3D pinters are available to receive from 15 000 resellers from ABC Data in 8 European market.

ABC Data is a leading IT distributor in Europe has in its offer – PCs, professional printers and copiers, computer games and cheap electronic accessories for a daily use. From March 2015 it officialy distributes plenty of 3D printers and filaments. The company was rewarded in our competition and became The Best Distributor of Low-Budget 3D Printers 2015.

Gala CD3D 38

Robert Jaskółka and Radosław Jankowski are taking a reward for the Best Distrubutor of Low-Budget 3D Printers 2015

Zortrax is the most recognizable Polish producer of 3D printers in the world. 2015-2016 it was rewarded on 3D hubs platform for: Best plug&play 3D printer“. A prestigious magazine MAKE regarded Zortrax M200 one of the best 10 3D printers in the world in ranking: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 2015“.

The company was also rewarded in our plebiscites 2014-2015 for The Best Polish Company and its flagship product – Zortrax M200 and The Best Polish 3D Printer. The company gained also a reward TOP DESIGN 2015 in category: science, medicine, industry, and the company’s CEO – Rafał Tomasiak gained a title: “The Entrepreneur of the Yeas EY” in category “New Buisiness” and “The Person of Polish 3D Printing Industry 2015” in CD3D plebiscite.

Zortrax broadens successively its distributive network in the world and has over 160 buisiness parnters on 50 countries on 6 continents.

Gala CD3D 41

Tomasz Frąckiewicz (Zortrax) is taking a reward for The Best Polish Company 2015

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