3devo presents a new, three-level business model

The Dutch company 3devo, producing machines for small-scale filament production, announced its new business model based on the so-called “design partnership”, due to the discontinuation of direct sales of its Filament Maker series devices. Thanks to the new business model, 3devo has set itself an ambitious goal of “facilitating the introduction of 1 million 3D printing innovations by 2032”.

To achieve this goal, 3devo has created a core design phase in which a team of 3D printing materials specialists work closely with customers. It includes “flexible leasing” of equipment – including patented filament creation devices, as well as Shredder and Granulator products – as well as continuous support, professional advice and help in developing projects in the future. 3devo believes this offering will “ensure a seamless flow of innovation.”

The company has updated its website to reflect its updated business model and show how its team of experts can help users advance in 3D printing. Starting with the discovery phase to explore ideas, 3devo will listen to users’ expectations and needs before developing a strategy that aligns with their goals in the core design phase.

By developing customized project plans, 3devo promises to guide users from concept to completion, allowing users to leverage their materials research equipment and lease the company’s 3D printing equipment through a flexible model that allows them to upgrade or downgrade as their project evolves. The advanced phase offer provides support until the project is completed and its further development.

Changing your business strategy is an important step in your company’s development. With its new approach, 3devo enables innovators to produce filaments tailored to their unique material requirements. Currently offering a customizable, cost-effective and sustainable production process, it aims to be the best solution for filament production and plastic waste recycling.

Source: 3devo press materials

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