3D Systems releases announcement regarding partnership with Align Technology

3D Systems issued a statement regarding the company’s ongoing cooperation with Align Technology – an American manufacturer of 3D scanners and transparent Invisalign overlays used in orthodontics. The statement comes in response to numerous inquiries from 3D Systems shareholders related to Align’s recent announcement that it has entered into an agreement to acquire German company Cubicure Gmbh.

3D Systems’ 25-year cooperation with Align, under which 3D Systems provides equipment, materials, software and services in connection with the production of prosthetic overlays, remains unwavering. Align uses hundreds of 3D Systems printers in its daily operations, producing over a million parts per day, and continues to work with the company to support its operations. 3D Systems’ outlook remains unchanged and takes into account Align’s existing partnership with Cubicure.

“3D Systems continues to be a key Align partner,” said Emory Wright, Align Technology executive vice president of global operations. “We have worked with them for the last 25 years to transform prototyping technology into a mass production system. Over the years, we have made significant strides in the accuracy and productivity of the technology, and we will continue to work with them to advance 3D printing of orthodontic aligners in the future.”

Align-acquired Cubicure’s R&D projects for direct 3D overlay printing had no impact on 3D Systems. The company continues to make progress in their production technology thanks to its own research and increases its capabilities in the field of additive production of overlays.


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