3D Systems continues its expansion in the bio-printing segment by acquiring another company from this industry. Volumetric Biotechnologies comes from Houston, USA, and its mission is to develop the ability to produce human organs using 3D bio-printing methods. The company’s founder, Dr. Jordan Miller, with his team of bioengineers and scientists, focuses primarily on the human liver. Through the acquisition, 3D Systems plans to create a world-class center in Houston where research in this area will be developed.

Functional human organs are one of the most complex structures in the universe, and recreating them will require both high-resolution bio-printing and volumetric printing, i.e. from all sides simultaneously, not just layer by layer. These are areas in which Volumetric Biotechnologies has long specialized.

The deal has a very interesting design: $ 45 million will be paid out now, but at the same time, bonuses totaling $ 355 million are possible, conditional on achieving significant strides in developing human applications over the next few years. If all milestones are met, the total purchase price for the acquisition will be $ 400 million. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year.

Source: 3D Systems press materials

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