Although there is a decrease in the incidence of COVID-19 in the world, this does not mean that we can stop taking care of our own health and the health of those around us. Specialists agree that the coronavirus pandemic will result in a new reality that we will all have to get used to. We are talking here not only about changed economic or economic conditions, but also about the way of functioning in everyday life. How to prepare for a return to a new normality?

In a situation where it is still said that the peak of the disease is yet to come, you cannot underestimate compliance with hygiene rules in everyday, mundane activities. Wearing a hygienic mask or disposable protective gloves is one way to not only prevent us from being infected with the virus, but also to stop its spread.

Experts in the field of epidemiology warn that the best way to prevent contact with coronavirus is to avoid large clusters and limit tactile contact with elements such as handrails, handles and door handles. Surfaces touched by hundreds of people every day have high potential for virus transfer, which can survive on them even tens of hours.

The solution to this situation can be elements that allow the use of objects that are inherent in the mundane activities of everyday life, without having to use your hand. One of them is a secure handle attached to the door handle, which allows you to open the door with your elbow or forearm. The ability to operate the door handle without having to use your hand reduces the likelihood of virus spreading from both your hands to the surface and vice versa.

The production method of the abovementioned holders is 3D printing in FDM / FFF technology. 3D printing is carried out according to the author’s design, in which the handle is equipped with a movable hinge, so that the model can be created is in one part.

The advantage of 3D printing technology is the ability to personalize and get the model to your requirements. Although the presented models present oval handle handles, the handle designs are always matched to the customer’s handles. In addition, as required, a 3D logo may be placed on the company logo or other required markings. Currently, we offer 3D printing of two door handle variants, for the same price – narrow (30 mm) and wide (50 mm). In one order you can order 3D printing of several different types of handles – this also does not affect the price.

One or two screws with a nut are needed for assembly. It is worth adding that in the case of round door handles rubber pads or a thick mounting tape is recommended to keep the element in a fixed position (with square / rectangular there is no need).

The cost of 3D printing of handles depends on the type of material and the number of pieces. The list below:


Available colors: black, white, gray, silver, navy blue, red, green, orange, natural / ivory

Price: EUR 8,99 net for 1 item (EUR 17,98 net for a set for 1 pair of doors)


Available colors: natural / ivory

Price: EUR 10.99 net for 1 item (EUR 21.98 net for a set for 1 pair of doors)

Other colors are available on individual order, with an annotation that the handles will be made of other materials (suggested alternatives are ABS or PETG).

The service process is as follows:

  • based on the above price list, a quote is made (for orders over 50 items we offer attractive discounts)
  • based on information from the customer in the form of the shape and dimension of the door handle, the design is adapted to individual needs
  • the completed design together with the sample printout is sent for approval – if it is approved, we proceed to immediate implementation
  • for orders over 20 pieces (10 sets), the handle adaptation to the handle is free.

Elements that allow you to open the door without using your hands can be useful especially now, when many companies return to work after a break, and employees must be provided with protective measures to enable them to work safely.

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