We had an opportunity to take part in Additive Manufacturing Europe 2016 during the first day of the trade, where you can meet leading European companies from the 3D printing industry. Naturally, we felt proud of Polish whiffs  – one of the sponsors was Zortrax, moreover you could have met representatives of 3D Phoenix, 3D Lab and Fiberlogy. Especially for you we publish a recap from the event.

My first impression, so… when you compare it with 3D Printing Days in Kielce, you can say, that it looked rather modestly. Of course, the exhibitors from Amsterdam are incomparably bigger and more known, which were presented in Kielce, but the scale of the event and lack of another events connected with the trade, make the AM Europe cosier. Of course, it  is only the first impression after the first 60 minutes of the trade.


The end of our relation. I hope that is… nice 🙂



WASP and extreme 3D printing…


Obviously, it wasn’t the only one giant 3D printers, which we saw:


Big filaments from BigRep:


During the trade appeared representatives of the most important media writing about 3D print. Here it is  Eddie Krassenstein –  a co-founder of 3DPrint.com.


Davide Sher from Il Replicatore, SmarTech and 3DPrint.com:


Additionally, we met the legendary Rachel Park and All3DP.

You could have found a 3D printer printing from metal:


The next update. We were asked about more photos of  the Audi RS5, staying on the stand of Ultimaker.


Ultimaker presented also a “gadget” enabling 3D printing from… silicone! It seems to be simple, but in the reality, it is a great challenge to make it work properly.

We spent a lot of time writing about Zortrax. But is wasn’t the only one Polish exhibitor in Amsterdam. 3D Phoenix, besides Zortrax, presented also ZMorph, HBot and Sinterit Lisa.


Fiberlogy showed its filaments, used with 3DGence One and Felix PRO:

Close to them, you could have visited a stand of 3D LAB, offering professional services, using 3D Systems machines:



Without a word, the stand of Zortrax was the bes. Forget about 3D printers, there is plenty of them on the market… This 3D print (if it can be called a “3D print“?) was an absolute star of the Additive Manufacturing. Here it is a real SuperHero!

AM 04

The model consists of about 200 elements and it was printed with several dozen 3D printers (60…?) from Z-HIPS.

Ultimaker presented a dedicated station for small lot production.  The key of this solution is a software which is able to run simultaneously 70-80 3D printers. This number will be increased… Soon I will write about details.


BigRep and its huge 3D printers:

However, Leapfrog decided to do something bigger – at least, as a hight of models is considered…

AM 12

It presented also a brand new 3D printer:

AM 13

And plenty of novelties…

An amazing meeting with Kerrym Stevenson (known as General Fabb) and Marney Stapleyz of Fabbaloo.com – one of the most opinion-forming portals about 3D printing.

AM 11


An official premiere of the newest 3D printer of Zortrax – M300 is planned for 12:00. Now, you can admire it in the picture.



It bases on construction of M200, it has an increased working area of 10 cm in each axis (30 x 30 x 30 cm). It prints from all of the standard materials, except from Z-ABS. It still doesn’t use PLA. It doesn’t have a heated working chamber. It looks very great, but Zortrax did something, which it should have done earlier… Unfortunately it decided to get embroiled in Inventure…


It was the first time, when you could have seen a post-processing station for Inventure. Unfortunately, it is still not known, when it will be available to purchase.


Zortrax’s stand is probably the best…



A short round-up of another stands.

09:30 – We are The Röad Crüe

AM Europe 01

Paweł Ślusarczyk
CEO of 3D Printing Center. Has over 15 years' experience in buisiness, gained in IT, advertising and polygraphy. Part of 3D printing industry since 2013.

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