We offer the additive manufacturing service of low-volume production of parts made of popular thermoplastics. The service is characterized by a very fast delivery time and attractive price. Our machine park is equipped with 3D printers with a tightly closed and independently heated working chamber, which guarantees high quality of work and thermal stability.

Production in this segment of services is aimed at parts not larger than 130 mm in XYZ axes – thanks to this, we are sure that we will deliver them quickly, and the quality of the surface and geometry will be perfectly reproduced. Customers looking for solutions for larger dimensions will find it here: Parts Made of High Performance Plastic Materials.

In our services, we use popular thermoplastics such as reinforced PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG among others. We can also print in this service segment more advanced materials like PC, PCABS, PA12 etc., however some size restrictions may apply to parts. For this type of production, we use industrial class 3D printers, but the cost of service is substantially higher.


One of the most popular materials for 3D printing in FDM / FFF technology. PLA is biodegradable and is produced from natural ingredients such as corn starch and sugar cane, which is why it has earned the name of green plastic. The material does not emit harmful vapors during the 3D printing process as other thermoplastics.

Available materials:

  • Fiberlogy Easy PLA – cheapest service – still excellent quality of parts
  • Fiberlogy Impact PLA – increased strength and resistance properties
  • Spectrum Tough PLA – increased strength and resistance properties


ABS is one of the most popular materials used for 3D printing in FDM / FF technology due to its durability at a relatively low cost. Material serves, among others, for the production of all kinds of housings, buttons, handles and others. ABS is characterized by high hardness, impact and abrasion resistance and good tolerance of high temperatures. However, it is not UV resistant, crumbling after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Available materials:

  • Fiberlogy ABS Plus – cheapest service – still excellent quality of parts
  • Fiberlogy ESD ABS – material with ESD properties and certification
  • Zortrax Z-ULTRAT – ABS strenghten with PC


ASA is a material distinguished by increased resistance to UV radiation and changing weather conditions. The filament will work well in the production of parts intended for external exposure, which should be resistant to environmental influences. Elements made of ASA can be used, for example, in the automotive, energy and gas industries, agriculture and transport. They can also be used as the parts of external covers, casings, gardening equipment or car side mirrors housing. ASA in terms of mechanical properties is similar to ABS, but it can additionally be exposed to weather conditions, without fear of color loss or damage to the 3D model.

Available materials:

  • Spectrum ASA 275 – cheapest service – still excellent quality of parts
  • Zortrax Z-ASA Pro – higher strength


PET-G combines the most desirable features of ABS and PLA. Thanks to the very good layer adhesion, it is more durable. The material can be sanded and holes can be drilled in it. It is very resistant to chemicals, including solvents, and relatively resistant to ultraviolet radiation and moisture. The maximum temperature in use for items made of PET-G is about 70°C – they may start to soften when exposed to higher temperatures. It is characterized by low shrinkage during 3D printing.

Available materials:

  • Spectrum Premium PETG – cheapest service – still excellent quality of parts
  • Spectrum PETG HT100 – excellent resistance to temperatures of 100°C.
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