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Kimya launches a new EN45545 certified PC-FR filament

Kimya – a French manufacturer of 3D printing filaments belonging to the ARMOR Group, has expanded its range of high-performance materials by introducing the Kimya PC-FR to the market. It is a ready-to-use smokeless polycarbonate that can withstand operating temperatures up to 105°C. It is EN45545-2 certified with levels HL1/HL2/HL3/R1 and R6. Kimya PC-FR is dedicated to creating applications used in sectors related to fire safety, such as mass transport – railway, aviation or navy.

Due to its specific technical properties, Kimya PC-FR is an ideal material for 3D printing of railway mechanisms and parts exposed to high temperatures, such as skids, to increase the adhesion of the wheel to the train rail in the event of emergency braking. The new filament has been approved to work on 3D printers from companies such as Finnish miniFactory or American Stratasys.

Source: www.kimya.fr
Photo: www.kimya.fr (press materials / all rights reserved)

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