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Globe Metal will recycle hazardous waste from industrial 3D printing

Globe Metal, a Canadian company that has been fulfilling orders using traditional industrial methods for over 40 years, has introduced a recycling service for additive manufacturing waste, helping to reduce its environmental impact as well as optimize the costs associated with its disposal. Due to the relatively recent transition from conventional methods of metal production, such as machining and stamping, to high-speed laser cutting and 3D printing, Globe Metal has decided to launch support for an increasing number of companies using 3D metal printing.

Some of the waste that Globe Metal currently recycles includes titanium, aluminum alloys, cobalt-based alloys, tool steel, nickel-based alloys, stainless steels, copper alloys, and precious metal alloys such as gold, platinum, palladium, and silver. According to Globe Metal, many industries view metal powders as waste, and the company aims to change that view. Metal powders are often diverted to landfills because they are considered dangerous, difficult to process, and expensive to transport.

Many companies that produce secondary metals and metallic by-products that are classified as hazardous waste incur huge disposal costs by landfilling. Globe Metal believes that while metal powders are considered environmentally hazardous, this does not mean they are not recyclable.

By countering the cost of disposal, Globe Metal provides much less expensive solutions for the recycling and disposal of hazardous metal waste, what the company calls a “total metal recycling solution”. Under this solution, the company processes mixed materials in compliance with all required permits and provides documentation and evidence of recycling and destruction – helping companies avoid potential fines.

Globe Metal’s hazardous waste services include waste audits, metal testing and analysis, logistics, metal reclaiming, recycling, disposal, and on-site waste handling and management suggestions.

Source: www.globemetal.com

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