Fiberlab SA – the Polish filament manufacturer, is expanding its product range with a new position – Fiberlogy PP. The material based on polypropylene is a development of the offer of this Polish producer, whose products enjoy growing popularity not only in Poland but also in the world.

Polypropylene is one of the most commonly used plastics. Due to its properties, such as durability and flexibility, it has been used in numerous industries – it fulfills its task both as a food packaging material and as a car bumper. The main advantages of polypropylene include:

  • resistance to chemicals – PP successfully resists the effects of acetone, various types of acids, bases and organic solvents,
  • resistance to bending and deformation – thanks to this, polypropylene perfectly fulfills the function of a material from which packaging clips and other fasteners are subjected to frequent bending,
  • low weight – PP is definitely one of the lightest filaments available. Its density is only 1.04 g / cm3, which allows for prints with lower weight while gaining higher strength,
  • non-toxic and odorless – suitable for contact with food,
  • high layer adhesion – which is especially important when we talk about using the material as a filament.

The filament can be printed on almost any 3D printer. The ease of printing can be located between the traditional EASY PLA and FiberFlex 40D. Recommendations for 3D printing of the material:

  • printing temperature: 220-250°C
  • table temperature: 0-80°C (recommended use of adhesive)
  • closed chamber: recommended
  • air flow: 0-25%
  • print speed: 35 mm/s
  • retraction: yes, 2-3 mm
  • raft: recommended.

Fiberlogy PP is currently offered in a natural color. The list of Fiberogy distributors is available at this link.

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