In the  previous episode we finished to build a 3D scanner – FabScan (I mean mechanics and electronics). Today we will focus on uploading of a firmware to Arduino UNO and preparing of a flash drive with system Ubuntu FabScan.

Since now, we published 3 episodes of the tutorial: part I – completing of mechanic components, part II – completing of electronics, part III – assembly.

Uploading of the firmware to Arduino UNO

To programme a driver for the 3D scanner you need to upload a special file. You should visit the webpage of Arduino and a proper software. A file with the firmware you can download here. Than you need to follow he instruction:

  1. install arduino.exe,
  2. plug Arduino UNO to your computer with an USB cable,
  3. click on an unknown device in the “device manager” and update the driver,
  4. choose a folder in which you installed Arduino and than drivers>FTDI USB Drivers,
  5. run application Arduino,
  6. choose Arduino UNOar1
  7. choose a port to which the plate is connected,
  8. menu -> file -> open -> „FabScan100.ino”,ar2
  9. click on “verify”,ar3
  10. upload and wait.ar4

The driver is programmed.

Preparing of the flash drive with Ubuntu FabScan

A portable version of the Ubuntu FabScan gives us a very crucial functionality. Thanks to it we can use a 3D scanner connected do any computer without installing of any drivers, and any additional software. In Ubuntu Fabscan there are installed all of the programmes needed to use the scanner, programming of the Arduino driver and also 3D printers. The system is started without interfering in the system installed on the computer.

And than:

  1. download a file Fabscan.1000.0.1.ubuntu.iso,
  2. format USB memory in FAT32 system,
  3. download“unetbootin-windows-608”,
  4. choose “disc image” (A), click on “…” (B) and choose “Fabscan.100.0.1.ubuntu.iso”,  than in mark “drive” (C) choose a letter  with which the flash drive is available and in (D) type: 1000, Bez tytułu
  1. click on“OK” and wait, till the installation will be finished,Bez tytułu2
  2. you flash drive is ready to use.

Running of Ubuntu FabScan

To run Ubuntu Fabscan without installing it, follow the instruction:

  1. plug the flash drive,
  2. start the computer,
  3. while is started, enter into BIOS settings with  F2, F12, DEL, etc. – it depends on the version of your computer,
  4. find “Boot Menu” and choose “First Boot USB/USB driver” (it can be called different, because it also depends on the BIOS version),
  5. confirm it and save it,
  6. after restarting you will see:unetbootin_boot_ubuntu1110
  7. choose“Try Ubuntu without installing”.

Attention: you can use Ubuntu as an usual operational system. After running it from the flash memory, click on Install Ubuntu 13.04 on the desktop.

Our 3D scanner is ready to work. In the next episodes I will write, how to configure and calibrate it. We will also take our first 3D scan and learn, what else we can do with this file.

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