During this year’s Formnext 2022, the manufacturer of industrial 3D metal printers – Eplus3D, presented a high-performance and scalable AM ​​EP-M260 machine for metal. EP-M260 uses advanced powder metal bonding (MPBF) technology, which is suitable for mid-size and low-volume production, and can be used in the automotive, aerospace, machinery and energy, oil and gas industries. The fair also presented a number of metal parts produced by Eplus3D for the aviation, automotive, tool, medical and energy, oil and gas industries.

The highest of the presented parts was printed by the newly launched 9-laser Eplus3D EP-M1250 machine. It was a rocket chamber printed from the material IN718 (Inconel), with dimensions of 630 x 630 x 1100 mm and used in the aerospace industry.

Utilizing MPBF (Metal Powder Bed Fusion) technology, the EP-M1250 uses a 1258 x 1258 x 1350mm build chamber and 9-laser systems to ensure high production efficiency. Precise positioning and innovative area-joining control technology ensure uniformity and stability throughout the entire 3D printing phase.

Eplus3D focuses on the research and development of multi-laser and large-format powder-bed metal fusion laser 3D printers for high-efficiency manufacturing, which will greatly increase the development potential of multi-meter metal parts and achieve peak productivity for aerospace, automotive, energy, petroleum and gas.

Other new products in the company’s offer include:

  • EP-M450H – 3D printer for additive production of parts over 1 meter high, thanks to the working chamber dimensions of 456 x 456 x 1080 mm
  • EP-M650 Quad Laser – a machine equipped with a working area of 655 x 655 x 800 mm and four laser systems. The system can work with various metal powders, such as titanium, aluminum and nickel alloys, die steel, stainless steel, cobalt chrome alloys and other materials. It is suitable for the direct production of large-scale, precision and high-performance parts in the aerospace, aerospace, automotive, and energy, oil and gas industries.

Source: Eplus3D press materials

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