DyeMansion is a young company that manufactures post-processing equipment for 3D printing, made in professional powder technologies. Recently, the creators presented the details of the technology of applying color to 3D prints made using the SLS method. They already mentioned then that they also wanted to deal with the dyeing of spatial prints created in MJF technology.

Now, DyeMansion has expanded the color gamut for dyeing polyamide prints by 17 more, just dedicated to MJF technology. The commercial version of the system will be available in July 2020, however, selected owners of HP Jet Fusion 4200 or 5200 systems will be able to use it earlier as beta customers.

DeepDye Coloring allows you to give white colorless 3D prints. Users can choose from a wide range of Pantone and RAL colors, however, the manufacturer also provides the option of dyeing elements according to customer orders. At the beginning it was not so easy with gray prints created in MJF technology – the color options were limited to black or darker shades of gray. Until now.

The newly introduced color palette contains a whole rainbow of colors. The process used in DeepDye Coloring involves the reaction of the surface of the elements with the dye, under the influence of increased temperature and pressure. However, the gray color of the elements did not allow for clear colors to be achieved, which is why the company’s research and development team had to re-develop the process of dyeing the elements. Philipp Kramer, co-founder and technical director of DyeMansion, explains that the secret was to change the recipe for the coloring agent. Therefore, customers who already have the device do not need to modify the hardware or software to use the new color palette for gray 3D prints.

Kai Witter, customer director says their step is associated with the growing number of HP 3D printing systems, which goes hand in hand with customer demand for colored parts. New colors in the range are a response to the expectations of beneficiaries of the 3D printing industry. DyeMansion expects that next color options will open a new field of application for 3D printed parts made of PA12, such as consumer goods, orthotics or parts of car interior equipment.

DyeMansion is a manufacturer of devices for professional post-processing of 3D prints – their system includes a station for washing prints, smoothing surfaces and applying color. Acting in accordance with its motto “Print-to-Product”, the company wants to transfer the quality of injection-molded details to the world of 3D printing.

Magdalena Przychodniak
Editor-in-Chief of the 3D Printing Center. A biomedical engineer following the latest reports on bioprinting and 3D printing in modern medicine.

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