Desktop Metal announced an extension of its collaboration with Henkel for the development of photopolymer materials and officially qualifies two resins – Loctite 3D IND405 Black and Loctite 3D 3843 for the Xtreme 8K 3D printer. According to Desktop Metal, it is the world’s largest 3D printer for mass production of end-use parts from light-curing resins. Both materials are stiff, strong and durable, making them suitable for the production of a wide variety of end-use parts, including consumer goods. Parts manufactured from IND405 have high impact resistance and can be freely machined, threaded and polished.

Loctite 3D IND405 and 3843 materials are already used in the ETEC Envision One 3D printer, along with high temperature resistant polymers (Loctite 3955 HDT 280 FST, IND 147 and IND 406), elastomers (Loctite 475 and IND 402) and Loctite Med 413 ( biocompatible material dedicated to the production of medical devices and equipment).

The Xtreme 8K has a working area of 450 x 371 x 399 mm and is one of the few top-down DLP 3D printers on the market, equipped with two industrial video projectors. A different approach enables heavy parts to be 3D printed on a tray in a ladle with thicker, high-viscosity materials. This new combination of popular material on a large work platform enables users to deliver completely new part sizes and throughputs without the use of tools.

In addition to the Loctite IND405 and 3843, Xtreme 8K uses resistant DuraChain photopolymers that provide two-part material strength in a single container, such as FreeFoam, Elastic ToughRubber and Soft ToughRubber.

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