BOFA starts cooperation with Photocentric, providing filtration systems for 3D printing

BOFA – a company specializing in the filtration of vapors generated during the 3D printing process, has established a partnership with Photocentric – a manufacturer of photopolymer 3D printers, in the area of supplying filtering systems. BOFA devices help remove irritating odors and potentially harmful fumes generated during 3D resin printing and contribute to a safe and healthy working environment. The companies started working together two years ago and during that time BOFA products were tested internally by Photocentric and with selected customers.

BOFA’s 3D PrintPRO 3 system is approved for use with the Magna LC 3D printer and Air Wash L station, while the 3D PrintPRO 4 system is dedicated to filter emissions for up to four Magna LC printers or four Air Wash L stations, or a combination .

Luke Ziolkowski, International Business Development Manager at BOFA, expressed his satisfaction with the developing cooperation with Photocentric. The British company is known as a manufacturer of high-quality photopolymer 3D printers, and cooperation with BOFA – the world’s leading supplier of filtration technology translates into high print quality and positive customer experience in a professionally managed environment.

Photocentric’s partnership with BOFA is intended to allow the company’s customers to further push the boundaries of 3D printing. This cooperation will enable customers to be provided with high-quality filtration units tailored to their individual needs, with the support and advice of a renowned industry leader. The collaboration is expected to increase the market share of both companies and strengthen their position as leaders in their respective fields, creating better, more sustainable and innovative solutions that meet the expectations of customers around the world.


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