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B9Creations launches a new photopolymer 3D printer with a large working area and high resolution

B9Creations - an American manufacturer of desktop 3D printers for light-curing resins, has presented the largest 3D printer in its offer - Core 6 Series MPro. The device was launched with the B9 CleanPro finishing unit. The company says the Core 6 Series MPro is designed to meet the needs of customers who require more design space while maintaining the ultra-high resolution and accuracy that B9Creations platforms are known for.

The 3D printer has a working area of 192 x 108 x 304 mm and a resolution of less than 40 µm. B9Creations has developed "advanced technology" that provides tolerances equal to or better than traditional precision manufacturing equipment, enabling 3D printing at the same level of capability.

The B9 CleanPro cleaning unit from B9Creations is designed to work with the Core 6 Series MPro as well as other photopolymer 3D printers. CleanPro allows B9Creations to expand its equipment offering and provide a total finishing solution for its customers. The device removes support structures and debris from printed parts, creating smooth and clean surfaces.

Source: www.b9c.com

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