Markforged – the American manufacturer of 3D printers that allows the production of materials reinforced with carbon fiber, expands its network of distributors. Recently, the company has signed an agreement with Würth Industry North America, a company specializing in the distribution of solutions in the field of supply chain optimization, maintenance (maintenance, repair and renovation) and safety equipment.

Under the contract, Würth Industry will sell Markforged equipment in the US to manufacturing companies. The American manufacturer’s solutions will be distributed, among others to companies in the petrochemical industry and those involved in the transport and production of heavy machinery.

The distribution agreement covers printing devices made of metals (including steel) and composites doped with continuous carbon fiber. Recently, Markforged presented its own 3D printing method of pure copper, with high electrical (350 W / mK) and thermal conductivity (84% IACS). As the manufacturer assures, this is the first, widely available solution that gives the possibility of easy 3D printing from copper. Copper is available in the form of a filament in the form of a fishing line and allows you to create high-quality prototypes and final components for the needs of the electronics or automotive industry.

Greg Mark, CEO and founder of Markforged, emphasizes that the company’s priority is to expand global reach, and the partnership opens up new opportunities for solution distribution. The devices allow for fast and efficient on-demand production, minimizing storage costs and maximizing the possibility of optimal inventory management, operating according to the Kanban method.

Würth Industry will provide its customers with a number of Markforged products that allow additive production of metal parts and tools. At the same time, Markforged solutions are suitable for rapid prototyping and creating components from composite materials. The distributor emphasizes that the material versatility of both 3D printing platforms will allow customers to use a wide range of solutions and choose those that are most suitable for specific applications.

Dan Hill, CEO of Würth Industry North America, emphasizes that the opportunity to offer innovative solutions to the optimization of the classic supply chain to its clients is of great value. Integrating solutions in the field of additive technologies with Kanban programs, popularized by Würth Industry, allows to shorten the time to launch a new product on the market, while reducing the costs resulting from the storage of raw materials.


Magdalena Przychodniak
Editor-in-Chief of the 3D Printing Center. A biomedical engineer following the latest reports on bioprinting and 3D printing in modern medicine.

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