Looking through Kickstarter, you can find a campaign of SHRED-Buddy3D, a mini crusher for chosen materials. How can it be used in 3D printing? There are 3 ways to do it. The device consists of 3D printed parts, it can shred filaments and some 3D prints and what’s more, you can produce a new filament from the pellet, which you receive after shredding of the materials, or use it directly with your 3D printer to print a new model.

A creator of the campaign is a German start-up VentureBit.  They wanted to create a machine which produces granules from all type of plastic. It can be for example plastic bottles, not used pieces of filaments, lines, cables or another trash, which can be milled by SHRED-Buddy3D.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the device is made from 3D printed parts. It is adapted to work as well with drill-drivers, as with drill press jigs. By using them and also special constructed „drills” materials can be milled and transferred into a container. A user can control the process and set its speed and direction of shredding.


The device is equipped with 8 mm-HSS drills and replaceable cutting edges, which can cut for example bottles into thin stripes. The presented version is in real a good working prototype based on Arduino Mini. Its final version will be equipped with a controller ATtiny85.


The campaign was started on 25.07. and it is lasting till 08.08.The creators want to collect 4 500 €, but till now they have almost 800 . Another matter is, how it was prepared… It doesn’t encourage to anything. The cheapest version costs 130 euro .

Z pewnością nie jest to narzędzie, które przyda się w każdym domu lub biurze, ale jeśli jesteśmy w posiadaniu jakiejś mini wytłaczarki lub wtryskarki, to z pewnością można znaleźć dla niej jakieś zastosowanie.

Source: www.3ders.org

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