Gambody – a video game-inspired 3D printing files seller, has recently launched an online workshop on printed painted 3D models on its official YouTube channel.The first miniature that got to undergo a complete dress-up is Kratos 3D model. Kratos video game miniature STL file was released on their marketplace back in March.

Gambody tries to show its audience that the digital files are free of any errors and completely printable on any type of 3D printer. The adventure with Kratos started from printing him from PLA with their in-house 3D printer. The model printed clean, without any surface errors or defects.

Of course, having a clean 3D printed model is satisfactory, but having it painted and looking like being taken from the video game and brought into the physical world is just marvellous. The miniature is painted in the colours of his video game prototype. The tools used to paint the model are common painting utensils that every person who has ever painted a picture knows about.


They had to make decision, which type and brand of paints they would like to use. Kratos 3D gaming miniature is painted in simple acrylic paints – no fancy brand of paints has been chosen. They also used white primer to give 4 nice white coats to the model. The white primer has the property to make paint adhere to the model, avoiding any leakage from the otherwise plastic 3D model.


Painted Kratos 3D model is polished using simple painting techniques – that of mixing and matching colours. 3D model’s special features, such as the face and torso scars are also reproduced with painting. Attention to details is what makes painting a video game-like 3D model unique.

The 3D printed miniature files can be downloaded here for only $24.99.

Source: press release

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