When you talk about an industrial 3D printer, you rarely mean a low-budget machine printing in FDM technology. Of course, there are some examples of that – Airbus or Siemens use 3D printers produced by Ultimaker. But you will rather not place The Box – a 3D printer created by a Swedish start-up BLB Industries home. It would be also problematic in a smaller office.

The idea of creating of the machine came into being then its creators were students. They build then a 3D printer, which was big and cheap. It was improved and changed and that is how The Box was born – a 3D printer of above-average dimensions and a working bed of 150 x 110 x 150 cm.

Like most of the enterprises like that, BLB Industries set itself an aim to manufacture the best 3D printers and sell them as many as possible. This assumption seems to be trivial, but sill, it is better to set a high target, than hide in the shadow. At least, the machine attracts a lot of interest and it has something “magnetic” in it, what is really eye-catching.


The device was made from parts of the highest quality and it uses components manufactured by companies like: Bosch, Rexroth and Festo Siemens. It doesn’t use a traditional filament, but it prints directly from pellets. Jako You can use a wide spectrum of materials, also composited, which consist on “wood”. Thanks to replaceable nozzles we have an influence on a final look of our models, which we would like to achieve. What is the most crucial in case of such a big construction is a speed of 3D print. It is very high and the 3D printer can be undoubtedly called one of the quickest 3D printers in the world. You can 3D print with a speed of 1200 mm/s, while The Box further 3D prints up to 6 kg of granulates per hour – making it possible to 3D print very large objects in a matter of hours, rather than days.


A very interesting solution is always its hot vacuum platform. It consists on six independent areas, what allows you to print on the bed without the fear of the model letting go of the surface, and when the print is done you can turn of the vacuum and pick out the model without it sticking to the bed. “You can have a large detail printing on 4 of the zones furthest away from the doors while printing something smaller at the 2 zones closest to the doors. When the smaller item is finished, you simply pause the machine, turn off the vacuum in the respective 2 zones, remove the small item, close the doors and continue the print of the larger item in the back” – explains one of its creators.


The Box was designed on the way which allows to scale it according to the customer’s requirements. A premiere of the device is not known, but it is possible, that it will be in 2017. This particular model, however, will be sold for around 500,000 €.

Source: www.3ders.org

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