3DPandoras is a Taiwan-based 3D printer, printing in full-colour from gypsum powder. It is a rival of ProJet 460 Plus. At first sight it comes up to it and it’s three times cheaper. Thanks to Belgian company 3Dee, you can purchase it directly from its European distributor.

The 3D printer has been available on the market since 2014 – or rather since the moment, when it debuted on Kickstarterze. Although two years passed from its premiere, the device is still characterised by relatively good technical parameters and it can compete with the newest 3D printers of this type.

Thanks to 3Dee became more available for Europeans and its price, which amounts 17 000 € (excluding taxes)  makes it very popular. Comparisons of the machine with its equivalent from 3D Systems work for the benefit of  3DPandoras. It is not only over three times cheaper, but it is also more efficient. A cost of printing of one cubic centimeter is about 0,16 € . In case of ProJet 460 Plus it is 0,30 € .


The next advantage is bigger saturation of colours, thanks to which colours look more intensive. 3Dee cooperates with a company which is responsible for their calibration, what causes, that red is even more red and green is more green than in case of the machine of the rival.


According to the manufacturer, the 3D printer is user-friendly, an d the technology applied in it doesn’t require generating of supports, what makes it even easier to use. Besides the gypsum powder, you can use also powdered: sugar, rise and… paper.


3Dee is not only a distributive company. It offers also a professional technical support and services like:

  • fast responsive tickiting service,
  • technician on site within 2 – 3 working days,
  • emergency print service to sustain production,
  • yearly check-up of your device.

3DPandoras - WYDRUK

Technical specification of the 3D printer:

  • layer thickness:0.08 – 0.2 mm (0.1 mm recommend),
  • input data file format STL, VRML, WRL,
  • colours: CMYK,
  • number of jets: 4608,
  • number of printing heads: 1,
  • power supply: 90-10, 8A | 110-120, 6A | 200-240, 4A,
  • working area: 300 x 292 x 140 mm,
  • resolution: 9600 x 2400 dpi,
  • size: 100 x 80 x 170 cm,
  • weight: 120 kg.

Source: www.3ders.org, www.3dpandoras.eu

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