A lot of people who hear about project RepRap for the first time, think that all of the 3D printers of this can make a clone of itself. It’s partly true but… it depends. Recently I have found a campaign on Kickstarter, which “proves” that RepRap can be more than RepRap.

Dollo 3D consists almost only on 3D printed parts. In its construction, you can not find any metal slides, bearings or straps. Everything was replaced with plastic. Elements which weren’t 3D printed are: motors, electronics, nozzle and working platform.  You can add some screws to assemble the machine.

It’s a family product created by a father and his son. Their aim was to produce a 3D printer, which can replicate itself, so the power of manufacturing in everyone’s hands.

The 3D printer is modular and everybody can scale it, according to his needs. Of course, its creators praise their machine, that it is able to repair and reply itself. All of necessary files for the project are available on GitHub.

In contrary to traditional DIY kits, which consist on tones of not described parts and screws, Dollo 3D consists on only 15 3D printed elements and 34 screws and obviously another mentioned parts. An assembly of the 3D printer seems to be similar to playing with LEGO building blocks and it takes about one hour.

The producers pledged for 50 000 $ (for this moment they collected about 10 000 $ and 24 days remained to the end of the campaign). For 250 $ you receive the electronics and 1-kg spool of filament to print all of the other parts. For 350 $ you receive a kit to self-assembly and for 500 $ an assembled machine.

That’s all what we enquire from the description of the campaign. However, there’s a lot of things to pick on. The working area given on the page is 140×90 mm.  I guess, that it’s 140x140x90 mm.

Filmy, posted on the page are chaotic and in reality present different 3D printers. In the first material you can see a machine of construction made of building blocks (which consists on small cubes), in the next part you can see 3D printed profiles which you can strengthen with metal bars. The most popular question asked in the comments is, which version of the device will be sent to backers.

What’s more, you can’t find any information about materials which can be applied in the machine. But the most shocking is the fact, that you can’t admire any models printed with this 3D printer. On the one hand, the video shows a working device, but a colour of a chosen filament is to similar to colour of the working bed. I would like to see a figurine printed with a machine equipped with such precise “slides” of Z axis.

As you can see Kickstarter’s campaigns haven’t enjoyed high level recently. Everybody can afford a 3D printer. But, before you back this project, think one more time… For this price you can order ten 101Heros!

Source: www.kickstarter.com

Pictures: [1]

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