Hemp is a plant which has been used for production of clothes, roper or paper. It is a common knowledge, that Henry Ford used it to manufacture cars… Can it be used to produce filaments? An Italian start-up called Kanèsis, came into an idea to create HempBioPlastic – a filament, which may be an alternative to traditional PLA. According to the producer HBP is about 20% lighter and 30 % stronger. Will this idea enchant backers and will Kanèsis  win their campaign on Indiegogo?

An aim of Kanèsis was to create a biocomposite made of plants, which can be obtained from waste of industrial hemp production. The team of Italians started to work on it became a patent. Its surface looks like wood, an tests has shown, that it is more effective than another bioplastics available on the market. According to the manufacturer, it doesn’t wrap and can be used in the industry.

This graph shows a comparison of stamps of HBP with another popular materials used in the 3D printing industry.


The campaign on Indiegogo started on May 17th and will last one month. The authors of HBP pledged for 30,000 $. Until now, they collected 1,351 $ from 41 backers. The early bird version (shipment in July) is available for the first 50 users 39$ per 700g-spool  of diameter 1,75 mm. Prices of the next versions cost 44 $ for 200 users (shipment in August) and 54 $ for the next 200 (shipment in September). It is possible to purchase bigger sets of filaments.

Does this campaign have a chance for success? A leaf of hemp brings a smile to faces of customers. Will it work like in case of sweets which are bought in great numbers by tourists, who don’t read their content, which says that there’s no THC in them? On the one hand it is very strong  and ecological. On the other hand, it costs 39$ for a quite small spool and the material is rather not revolutionary. The campaign may be a fight between curiosity and  a common sense.


Source: Indiegogo

Paulina Winczewska
German philologist and translator, fanatic of the strangest and the most difficult foreign languages and culinary experiments, who is not afraid of new technologies and gadgets. Enthusiast of swimming.

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