High temperature resistance (100ºC), high durability, FDA compliance, neutral scent during 3D printing… This is the newest  colorFabb_HT filament. The new material is made from Eastman’s Amphora HT5300 3D polymer, which is a low-oder and styrene-free materia.

ColorFabb is a producer of filaments for 3D printers using FDM technology. Is most known from its intersting and special materials (bronzefill, woodfill, XT, XT-CF20, nGen). After recent premiere of nGen, which leaves much to be desired, colorFabb has presented its new filament is especially useful in applications that require a temperature resistance of 100C or less: HT.

Another companies have also tried to produce a similar material, for example: Orbi-Tech wich PLA 90 (material is very fragile and it doesn’t seem to be resistant to high temperatures…), igus with its iglidur® J260-PF (parameters of 3D print are similar to ABS, but we haven’t tested it yet) or  taulman 3D with filamentem Alloy 910 (95ºC).


The colorFabb_HT filament will be available in five colors, which include clear, white, light gray, dark gray, and black. The colorFabb_HT will be made available on March 21, but pre-order for the new filament will be open sooner. The new material has already been used in an experiment by designers Wouter Wolfs and Dennis van Bergen van der Grijp, who used the colorFabb_HT filament to create custom shaped inlet manifolds to improve the performance of this Mini track car. You can find more information, including the material data sheet, on colorFabb’s website.


Source: http://3dprintingindustry.com/

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